Cash payday loan

Has anybody delt with sonic cash payday loan?

I had a person call me international from a 310 area code saying I owed this payday loan people 5,000.00. They said I got the loan in November of 07. I got them to give me the website but when I tried to look it up it didn't give me any contact information. These people said that I better have an attorney ready cause they are going to come a investigate this situation and I will go to court on this for the 5,000.00 I still owe to them.

Well - did you take out a payday loan??

Where can i get a payday cash loan quick?

I need a cash loan deposited into my savings account quickly, but i need low fees for repayment, and i get payed monthly, so i also need at least 4 weeks before paying them back.

Talk to family and friends or employer to help you bail out of your situation before you even think about a payday loan. You would not believe the interest rates and terms of those places. You're better off with a cash advance on a credit card which is an insane option. Don't set yourself up for more problems than you have right now.

Police and Fire Briefs for Jan. 1, 2010

Police are looking for the man who took an undisclosed amount of cash Wednesday from the Check Into Cash Payday Loan Center on College Drive.

The man walked into the business at 3145 College Drive at 3:45 p.m., brandished a handgun and took an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing, said Sgt. Don Kelly, a police spokesman.

The robber was described as a 6-foot  black man between 150 and 160 pounds with a goatee, wearing a black jacket, black pants, red-and-black bandana and sunglasses, Kelly said.

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Unable to meet a few demands owing to paucity of funds? A number of utility bills are pending that is supposed to be repaid on an urgent basis; cash advance payday loans are just the thing for you. If there are a few unexpected expenditures like paying off creditcard and utility bills, paying for college or school fees of your wards, car repair, that are putting you in big financial problem, apply for cash advance loan without a pang of conscience. These loans save you from humiliation of requesting your friends and relatives to give you money to meet these expenses.


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The PLS payday loan store in Evanston stays open seven days a week, from as early as 8 am to as late as 9 pm, its bright interior festooned with signs that

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Same day payday loans are a way to get no credit check quick cash but is extremely important to understand that there are fees associated with these loans