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Best place to get a short term loan/payday loan in Dallas, Texas?

I need some extra cash till I can get a paycheck from my second job. What is the best place to get a short term loan or payday loan?? Something with a good interest rate or payback rate and that doesn't screw you over big time in how much you have to pay them back. I have stable work history for three years and same with bank account. Thanks!!!!!

Payday loans have horrible interest rates, and you will spend your life paying them back. They are so bad that the state of Arkansas has shut them down and made them illegal.

I'd try a credit union instead but I am not in Dallas and cannot recommend one. I am just trying to steer you far away from payday loan places.

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What is needed and how do u start up a payday/short term loan company??

I was wondering how to set up a payday/short term loan company, it seems a very fast growing sector and I'm interested in getting involved. I'm based in Australia, but would be willing to set up in UK/USA as well

Australia is extremely popular for businesses offering payday loans. Additionally, Australia has favorable payday loan legislation.

Regarding setting up a payday loan company in the USA, you should research the payday loan legislation for the specific state you are considering. A great resource is

The best payday loan industry resource is

You can start a payday loan Internet business in Australia for less than $1000 (US). That would cover a phone, a fax machine, and payday loan software, forms, etc. Of course, you would need additional money for actually "funding" the payday loans.

Do You Really Need Personal Loans

Do You Actually Desperate straits Live Loans. Are special loans deprivation in these days? Why would I miss s intimate lend. Can I get a critical allowance.

Loan Sharks, Payday Predatory Lending

"Slush funds" in the army to the old ruffian credit sharks that charged 100 per cent interest on every scratch approach is plain understanding. Obtain 500 dollars and pay back 1,000 dollars was representative on a short term loan. Harrassment and at occasions actual roughing-up was utilized to insure cost in full at the due companion. Payday Lending corporations now cost so so interest charges of 444.61 per cent in Missouri which does not have a legislative cap on vulturine loans. The allow corporations don't " breather bones" but definitely outpace in harrasssing their clientel and amassing money crops.

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